In this industry, AMI-NDT currently offers inspection of structural welds during construction. We ensure that your structures welded joint meet the relevant standard and are safe. Deteriorating concrete due to fatigue corrosion can also be easily identified using our infrared cameras and highly trained technicians.


Keeping your power station running efficiently requires a good preventative/predictive maintenance program. This reduces unplanned downtimes and improves operational profits. AMI-NDT can assist by providing corrosion surveys, thickness inspection on pipeline and tanks. Ultrasonic flaw detection on repairs performed and radiography on boiler tube walls.


The land transportation industry consists of trucking, railway and automotive vehicles. All these modes of transport can be more efficiently managed by using AMI-NDT inspection methods to ensure safe operations. Inspection of steering, axles, wheels and engine parts using ultrasound, magnetic particles and fluorescent penetrant inspections keeps these vehicles safe. AMI-NDT has a large penetrant station that can accommodate any size components from the racing car fraternity.


Petro-chemical plants have many miles of pipe that requires constant monitoring to plan repairs on turnarounds/shutdowns. AMI-NDT technicians have years of experience performing thickness inspections on pipes, furnaces, heat exchangers, drums and all vessels on the plant.


This industry requires constant monitoring for large steel vessels as they operate in a harsh, highly corrosive environment. AMI-NDT performs ultrasonic inspection on hull and deck thickness. We also do magnetic particle on repairs to these sections to ensure no cracks exist. To ensure reliable operations while out in the deep blue seas AMI-NDT carries out Inspection of large diesel engine parts during overall.


AMI-NDT is a FAA approved aircraft Maintenance Repair Station that performs Radiography, Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant and Ultrasonics on all makes and models nationwide and internationally.