Non-Destructive Inspections/Testing

AMI_NDT Inc. is a privately owned indutrial/commercial testing station based in Florida providing nondestructive testing services nationwide and internationally on aerospace, marine and construction material. Our employees have over 25 years experience in nondestructive testing that can support your operation.NDT testing looks for flaws and damage without altering or affecting your material or equipment in any manner and returns it to service in its original state. The methods of testing (techniques) used at AMI-NDT are Ultrasonic, Radiography (X-Ray), Eddy Current, Magnetic particle and Liquid Penetrant. We depend highly on our technicians of unquestionably high standards, commitment and experience to ensure you receive quality work.

Magnetic Particle

Phased Array

Liquid Penetrant


Infrared Thermography


Eddy Current

Visual Inspection